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Easter Basket Ideas

Hello friends! We hope you are all doing well. Even though we literally have no clue what day of the week it is, much less the actual date thanks to quarantine, we know Easter is coming soon. (That is one thing we can rejoice in-even if it does have to be in our own homes)

We thought we would put together a few Easter basket ideas to help you out since we can't actually go shopping. AND a lot of these ideas will keep your kids busy for at least 10 minutes (the perfect amount of time for you to hide in your closet in silence, text your bestie that teachers really are angels in disguise, or make your favorite mixed drink- #judgementfreezone)

If you see something you like, we can ship directly to you- just give us a call or send an email.


These fun Crayola socks come with 4 fabric markers and a pair of short socks. We have monsters, outer space, unicorns, & sweet treat designs.


Since they've already whizzed through every other game or puzzle in sight, give them a challenge with these animal shaped puzzles! We have shark, sea turtle, and flamingo in the 100 piece puzzles and horse, white tiger and buck in the 300 piece puzzles.


Kids LOVE all the scented things (and these actually smell good). Make homeschool fun with scented pens, pencils, & crayons.

We also have scented activity books that come with a mini workbook, crayons and stickers. Don't forget a scented backpack clip for when they do get to go back to school- they will go back one day, won't they? asking for a friend...


Not sure why, but bath bombs make bath time in our house A LOT easier AND they spend at least 30 minutes in the tub. (see ideas listed above for things to do in your free time) We have bath bombs for boys and girls and most of them have a surprise inside. Our favorite is the rainbow cloud. There isn't a surprise but the rainbow it creates in the tub is "so satisfying" (<-actual quote from our 5-year-old....we just don't even know....)

We also have bath sets and eye masks that would be great for older girls.


One cup, per person, per day. That is the rule (the dishwasher doesn't fit any more than that). Enforce this rule a lot easier and avoid cup confusion with custom cups for everyone. We have cute sippy cups we can add a name to, or let us know the size of the cup

you have and we'll make you a custom decal.


Not sure about you, but there has been A LOT of couch camping going on around here! Make it even more fun with custom pillow cases.


What can we say, we love coloring because it keeps kids busy for a hot minute and kids love coloring their's a WIN!, WIN! These fun tees are available for order on our website. They come in "cool kid", unicorn and a mandala design. You can use fabric markers OR washable markers (these may wash out in the laundry, but some kids may want to re-color their shirts)


Celebrate Easter with an Easter tee. We have lots of fun designs for boys and girls. {click on the picture to shop Easter shirts on our website}


We hope this helps you with your quarantined, no shopping dilemma! If you need help give us a call or email. 979-966-7829 We would be thrilled to hear from you!! Stay well friends, and wash your hands!

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