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Kids Picks 2019

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We asked the experts what fun things they wanted for Christmas and let them "shop" the store. Here are a few handpicked items...

"This is what kids would love to find in their stockings or under the tree." -Ella

1. Del Sol Nail Polish and Hair Clips - This isn't regular nail polish and hair clips...this is Del Sol nail polish and hair clips... which means they color change in the sun. So much fun, that it never gets old watching them change and hearing the oohs and aaahs.

2. Snoozies slippers- From babies to tweens these keep everyone's feet feeling warm and looking cute.

3. Warmies animals- These are the BEST! and are Mom approved. Pop them in the microwave and they help make all the sick days better or just keep the littles warm and snuggly on the cold winter nights.

4. Kids fishing shirts- keep them stylish and cool (sizes 12 months- youth large)

5. Living Royal socks- Who doesn't want socks that glow in the dark or have glitter on them? These are cute for kids of all ages and maybe their coolness will want to make kids match their socks again?

6. Feeling Smitten bath bombs- One thing I know for LOVE bath bombs. Add these to anyone's stockings and make bath time fun.

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