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Mens Gift Guide 2019

Is it just us, or are men REALLY hard to buy for??? We have been working on building up our men's gift collection here at the shop and we've got some great stuff (we think so anyway)! Here are our top "guy gifts" for the holidays....

1. Gameguard Microfiber Shirt- These come in short sleeve and long sleeve, AND a variety of colors & patterns

2. Duke Cannon Scent Eliminator Hunting Soap- "This ain't no squirrel hunting soap" We love this company's witty marketing and their over sized products made for the manliest of men.

3. Duke Cannon Cold Shower Face & Body Wipes- made with menthol, aloe & jojoba to help clean & protect. "The perfect way to cool-down, clean-up and recover after 16-hour shifts, covert field missions, or back alley boxing matches."

4. Duke Cannon Shower Gel- With scents from their original Big A** Brick of Soap line these thick exfoliating shower gels smell great and are built to work effectively on the hardest working men.

5. Gameguard Soft-Side Cooler- Designed to be waterproof and includes the addition of a waterproof zipper, easily fits 48 canned beverages -- or 36 cans plus two 10 lb. bags of ice -- provides excellent ice retention, and collapses for easy storage.

6. Gameguard Camo Shotgun/Rifle Case- I mean, it's a gun case... what guy doesn't need a gun case? It's Gameguard Camo AND it has a pocket for shells or whatever men put in pockets.

7. Survival Kit- This is a great stocking stuffer idea for guys of all ages.

8. Lone Star Pepper Co Jalapeno Jelly & Jalapeno Pickle Relish- These jellies come in a variety of flavors and are great with everything from biscuits to dips.

9. Mad Style Men's Hanging Toiletry Bag- This is a great size toiletry bag for guys and it hangs for easy access to all the things while he's traveling.

10. Mad Style Men's Dry Gear Bag- Let the adventures begin! Dry Gear by Mad Man keeps all your items protected, everywhere you go. The waterproof Tactical Backpack was created so you can be free to hike, swim, kayak, hunt & fish

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