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Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is always hard for us around the shop. It seems like we just get finished celebrating Christmas and we suddenly find ourselves in a rush to get our loved ones something extra special to show how we feel about them.... This year, we are vowing to be prepared! (we are at least going to look prepared!) Here are a few simple Valentine gift ideas that would be great for teachers, classmates/friends, grandparents or anyone else you want to give a quick and easy (but thoughtful) gift to! AND you can find everything at the shop (no trips to the city and you get to see us, WIN! WIN!)


Spring is almost here (fingers crossed) which means more rain, so how about something practical and CUTE?? Pair this with our cute "Rain or Shine" Printable Card (found here) and you're ready to go!


Cute socks are all the rage. I mean, who doesn't want socks with a llama on them??? AND these make a super easy gift. We have lots of new styles sure to fit everyone's personality. You can also print our "Knock My Socks Off" printable (here), tie them up and you're ready to go!


Although it takes a little more planning, this is PERFECT for grandparents or special loved ones and a sweet keepsake.

1. Have your child(ren) write a note on a plain white piece of paper with a pencil. (*see tip below for littles not ready to write)

2. Trace your child's note with a black sharpie and bring it in to the shop.

3. We will use our mad skills to transfer your message onto a pillowcase of your choice.

* for littles who aren't ready to write, you can hold their hand to help them, ask them a question (what do you love about Grandma?), ask them to draw a picture of them with the special person, or find a sweet quote that describes them online (there are endless possibilities, if you need help, just ask!)

{4. CUP 0' LOVE}

This is another fairly simple idea, but it does require a small amount of planning (and a note on your grocery list). We have cute mugs & wine glasses or you can bring in your own to add a personalized decal. Then, simply fill the cup with their favorite candy (chocolate is always appreciated) and use our printable "Mugs & Kisses" card (found here) to complete the gift!


For those of us who don't have all the time a LOVE basket is SUPER simple and it doesn't take long to put something special together (*we can even help you out and do it for you if you give us a call ;)

{Beauty Basket} What lady doesn't love to pamper herself (and usually never does!) A beauty basket is a great gift to remind her to take time for her.

A few things in OUR basket--->

*Warmies face mask (we also have neck wraps and slippers)

* Feeling Smitten bath bombs & bath salts

* Queen of damn near everything (because you know she is) cosmetic bag

* Walton Wood Farms hand lotion for every lady in your life.

* Vere hair bands

{Man Basket} Who knows what to get the macho macho man in your life? Here are a few ideas from our Man Basket ------>

*DUKE CANNON- he is our FAVORITE man! Quirky, manly, helps around the house...and he has soap too! (our basket includes, cold shower packs, and soap with tactical pouch (aka men's loofah))

*Gameguard Tek-Chek Button up

*Lone Star Pepper Co. Blazin' Habanero Jelly & Dave's Hot Damn it's Good Sauce


Hope this helps you with your Valentine gift ideas! If you need help give us a call or come by, we would be happy to see you!!

*** We are making gift baskets for Valentine's Day if you need us to make your life SUPER SIMPLE give us a call and we can fix one up for you. We will also deliver!!


Don't forget to sign up for our BIRTHDAY CLUB! You can also sign up your sweetie to receive text message reminders/alerts (no worries, it won't be a lot) about upcoming promotions & ideas for special occasions-like your birthday ;)

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